Computer Science Society

The Memorial University Computer Science Society offers a wealth of resources to our fellow students. Connect with us to find out more.

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(NEW) Slack Community

Our Slack community is open to all students to use as a way to stay connected. We are using Slack mainly as a real-time message board to keep everyone connected.

(NEW) Blog

We've started up a blog. We're working on some original content for the blog right now and we're looking for contributors. Please email k47swp at for access, or even better - join us on Slack

(NEW) Clothing

Represent MUN Computer Science and support your society with a clothing order. To order, get in touch with @vineel_n on our Slack community, or by emailing vnagisetty at mun dot ca. We accept only cash for now. You can try out all of the size options at the MUN Bookstore, and here are the available colors.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The society's official IRC channel is #muncssociety on the synIRC Network. You can connect with an IRC client via on port 6667 (or port 7001 for SSL). You can also use our Embedded IRC Client.

(NEW) March 2, 2018 - Bus Crawl with Math and Stats Society

It's going to be a blast. Click here to sign up and pay online. Must be 19+. Tickets are $20 each. Sign up before February 27th and get your seat before it's gone!