Hacktoberfest 2022

Contribute to open source projects during this month, and collect some free swag from Digital Ocean!

More information regarding Hacktoberfest itself can be found here

If the project you’re contributing to is associated with us, we’ll hook you up with a free sticker as well!

Once you’ve made your contribution, reach out to one of our executives, and we will make note of that contribution.

If you are:

  • Struggling with ideas for contributions
  • Having trouble putting your contribution together
  • Fighting with git / GitHub trying to put your contribution up

Feel free to reach out in #development within our Discord, there is plenty of people available to help you out

If you have an idea for a project that isn’t related to one of our existing ones, but would make sense to be associated with the society / live on our GitHub org., we’re open for that as well!

Associated Projects


  • Discord bot handling the management of our server.
  • Written using discord.py
  • Both management commands, but also some fun ones too!



  • none yet


  • Written using: HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Using the Astro framework
  • Contains information about the society, its executives, and other external resources




  • Executive documents for the society
  • GitHub actions to build all documents as PDF, and host them on www.cs.mun.ca



  • none yet


  • web-scraping library built around fetching data from MUN webpages
  • currently fetches basic course information from the university calendar
  • people from the people directory
  • course offerings from 2000 onwards



  • none yet