Kattis Competition

We’re running a Kattis competition this Friday, from 6pm → 11pm!

The competition will consist of solving a selection of programming problems of differing difficulty; some of them should be straight forward even if you’ve only just started 1001, while some of them will likely challenge even the best of us!

Big thanks to John Marcoux for putting the problem set together, and helping getting this event on the go!

Sign-up on https://open.kattis.com, and visit https://open.kattis.com/contests/nq4xis to join the competition.

Once you have joined the competition, you can then form a team (if you wish) with other users.

Kattis itself also expects you to write your solution such that it accepts input through standard input, and output through standard output (printing).

There is an explanation of how you’d read input found here: https://open.kattis.com/contests/nq4xis/help/python3 , but we will be hosting an info session an hour beforehand so people can checkout some basic problem solving before actually jumping into the real competition.

We’ve created some channels in the Discord for communication; the info session itself will be occurring in the ‘Kattis Competition’ voice channel.