Email from the departement:

Good morning everyone,

We have received one application in response to our advertisement for the Headship. The application is from our current acting Head, Dr. Sharene Bungay. The Committee has met to evaluate this application and are satisfied to present it to the Computer Science department. Our procedure from this point will be as follows:

  • Sharene’s application is made available to all CS faculty, staff, and students (attached, available in the Discord #annoncements channel).

  • A one hour Webex meeting will occur at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, February 23, during which

  • Sharene will give a short presentation (10-15 minutes), faculty and staff may ask questions (15 minutes), and students (grad and undergrad) may ask questions (15 minutes). Faculty, staff, and students are all invited and can be present throughout, until students ask questions, at which point faculty and staff will be asked to leave the meeting.

  • Individuals will have the opportunity to meet online with Sharene. Gail, Dean of Science Office, will provide information shortly on how to book times for these individual meetings.

  • E-mail feedback on Sharene’s application will be solicited and compiled. Again, Gail will be in touch about that process as well.

  • If warranted, the Committee will meet privately with Sharene.

  • A memo will be submitted to the Acting Dean of Science with the Committee’s recommendation.

Join from the meeting link

Details available in the Discord #announcements channel ( )