Fall 2021 Election

Welcome to the Fall 2021 Election for the MUN Computer Science Society!

We’re following a somewhat similar setup to our previous election, with keeping the majority of the interactions online for the sake of safety and convenience; especially for people who have still not arrived into Newfoundland yet.


  • September 20th: Applications for candidacy open
  • September 27th: Applications for candidacy close
  • September 30th: Campaigning starts
  • October 5th: Campaigning ends
  • October 6th: Results of election published

Applications for Candidacy (September 20th → September 27th)

Candidacy Application Form Closed

Campaigning for Applicants (September 30th → October 5th)

Vote here Closed

Information about candidates can be found here

Results of the Election (October 6th)

  • Treasurer: Ripudaman Singh
  • First Year Representative: Abdulrahman Marwan Mahmood, Colton Fridgen
  • Representative at Large: Hamzah Punjabi
  • Tech Officer: Zach Vaters
  • International Student Representative: Gizem Ensari
  • Social Representative: Leah Murphy
  • Event coordinator: Mohammed Balfaqih
  • Science Society Representative: Kanika Mathur

Twitch livestream.

Livestream’s React slideshow.