March Rapid

Date and Time: Sunday, March 31st, 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

Event Address: MUN Engineering Cafeteria, 240 Prince Phillip Drive, S.J. Carew Building

Cost: 10$, Snacks & Drinks will be provided!

Facebook Event Page: Here.


Formality: Casual

Format: Swiss or Round-Robin (to be announced closer to event date)

Time Control: Rapid, 15min | 10sec full increment.

Prizes: Will be announced closer to the event and are not an absolute guarantee. These will be dependent on the amount of players registered.

Rating / Sanctioning / Rules:

  • The tournament is completely unrated and unsanctioned by the CFC.
  • Scoresheets will not be kept.
  • The tournament is intended to be casual, but standard rules and laws of chess will apply. Players are highly advised to solve disputes amongst themselves, should they arise. However, if a solution is not to be found, this rulebook can be referenced during tournament play.

For more details you can contact the event coordinator, Martin Whelan (msw855 at mun dot ca).