Code Night - Kattis Competition

Want to get some experience programming outside of assignments and labs?

Want to show off your skils?

Want to meet and mingle with others in CS?

Want to consume pizza?

If you said yes to one, all, some, or none of the above questions, then the following event is directed at you:

Code Night! - Kattis Competition

Tuesday, October 29th

5:30 - 7:30pm, EN-2036 (CS Lab)

What is Kattis?

The competition will take place on Kattis.

It's recommended that you get comfortable submitting answers to the site before the competition itself.

Thankfully, it is quite simple and documented at:

Documentation specific to Python 3 can be found here:

This also implies you have an account created with the site itself, make sure to set your University as MUN when you create your account!

What is this Code Night?

We're planning on having this time slot (Tuesdays past 5 for a few hours) as a recurring slot for potential events/meetups; they won't all be as planned-in-ahead as this one.

What to bring?

Thankfully we're in the lab, so chances are we'll have a computer for everyone. But if you have your own laptop, feel free to bring it regardless!

What's the format?

Feel free to compete either in teams of two, or solo. If you wish to be in a team, but don't already have someone to partner with, you can be assigned one at the event itself.

Once you're in the CS Lab, there will be executive member near the front taking details required to sign you up to the contest, make that person aware of you and if you are in a team, so you can be added to the contest.

After that, wait for the contest to begin, hack away, and eat pizza intermittently!

What're the rules?

Since you're using your own device potentially, rules will be simple:

You're permitted to use official documentation for your language of choice, that includes sites such as:

This does not include StackOverflow / misc. GitHub pages / programming tutorials / etc., especially sites that may contain general solutions to problems!

We will be checking to see you're not just scraping the web for code to copy and paste into Kattis!

Am I expected to be skilled at programming?

Nope!, problems will be ranged from the easiest on the site to some of the more tricky ones; don't worry about what level you feel you're at, come for the pizza!

If you have any unanswered questions, or have any trouble using Kattis, feel free to ask for help in our Discord guild!.

"kattis competition, go all night, go computers" - Riley Flynn